Science Fiction meets Memoir


My mother was a scuttering neutrino, my father a gravid black hole…


Robinsonade meets Erotica


Under the Seemen Sea on the sunken Eyeland of Titlantis, Monday moan-fucked Tuesday so hard thunder-thighed Wednesday shot from here to Friday’s friggin’ eye…


Black Comedy meets Küntslerroman


Bawdy Bodé, Jokey Gorky, and Jesty F. Wallace walk into Babe’s Loins, a bar-cum-hanging-gasper-garden serving abysmous absinthe and bottomless baijiu…


Rothko 1968.jpg



Gothic Sword-and-Sandal meets Western Chicklit


Moonstruck morning-star-wielding Maciste, the unforgiven lord of the mazy Castle of Ursus, plunged into the Red River Saloon at high noon in search of Big-Love Cat Ballou and her wild bunch of shopaho lickin' gossiphounds…


Mystery meets Musical Bestiary


Girl, who killed Strawberry Lucy?

Gotta find Ob-La-Di Walrus

Octopus’s waiting for the word


Get back—Piggy’s getting better

Bulldog’s barkin’ down Blue Jay Way

Ob-La Blackbird’s fixing a hole

Where Nowhere Man’s gonna hide Monkey…


Cannibalistic Horror meets Spiritual Cookbook


La Cène

(Menu Sacrificiel)


Arcimboldo Earth.jpg


Hors d’Oeuvres


Mahomet à la Marinière



Vishnu Vichyssoise


Potée Lao Tseu Lorraine


Plats Principaux


Jésus au Jus


Mahavira en Meurette


Brochette de Bouddha Bourguignon



Nougat Nanak


Mousse au Moïse


Baba au Bahá'u'lláh


Clafoutis au Confucius


Nonsense Fiction meets Travelogue


Befear-arfter lychyearns oof draema-ing  loovah deepartour, Speek’n-S’pain laft Quarxotic oner liberary-crooze tootoot sliverry Gorgin Borgis shundderin-Ψ


Magic Realism meets Cyberiad

October 5, 2011. Job Jobs job_complaint_blake.gif died, was reborn in cypherspace  sunyata.jpg,

and the Windows rene-magritte-la-clef-de-champs.jpg stopped crashing, the strange Faces Eyes-Victim-Bandaged1.jpg in the Book

 became fast (meaning slow) friends Escher.jpg, the goggle-eyed iGadgets

 stopped chanting i,i,i Fontana.jpg , the tricky sticky whirl-eyed Web

Brain xray2.jpg
 released its mesmerized prey Crying Spider.jpg , and burning a new page nag
                  hammadi.jpg ,

Salty Sergey PanopticonPanopticon.jpgtrashed his Hypno-Googles Bacon Glasses.jpg , O crave 

mu wOrld!



Metafiction meets Antinovel




This is not an i. (Call me O.)


The Trouble with Genre

Genre familiarizes reality's sur-passing strangeness, training us to seek the same in the different. (Genre as a technology deploying repetition to control difference.) Streamlining the production and consumption of narrative, genre streamlines the commodification of story. Coordinated by genre, producers of narrative know what to deliver to consumers who know what to demand.  
Narrative iconography

The seeker, the lover, the beloved, the father, the rival, the ally, the stranger, the friend, the impostor, the victor, the victim,...

The wound, the prize, the map, the clock, the sign, the secret, the door, the key, the monster, the thing, the weapon, the reward,...

The home, the temple, the forest, the mind, the dream, the sea, the ship, the strange land, the crossroads, the prison, the clearing, the destination,...

All narrative essentially melodrama.

The search, the journey (departure, pursuit, flight, homecoming), the transgression, the punishment, the sacrifice, the trick, the reversal, the choice, the battle, the judgment, the revelation, the recognition, the death, the union,...

From beginning to end, genre contains story in the circle of convention.