The Event

What are the events that elude story? Where? When? Now. Here. This.

Confusing non-events and events, story is obfuscation.

Counting, recounting, and discounting, narrative strives to domesticate the event. (Narrative's impossible plot—to contain the uncontainable.) How does narrative illusively contain the event’s elusive transformations? Discarding everything outside the circuit of desire as non-events, it encloses desire’s objectifications in loops of language—wishfully foretelling, retelling, mistelling.

The mnemonic technology that is story ignores the unmemorable as insignificant. The blindness of story is the blindness of memory—it cannot see the immemorial event.

Narrative’s violent denial of impersonality, of the selflessness of the event. Outside narrative, no one is responsible for the event, which, ever-turning, is accountable to no-one.

the event—

polymorphously immanent

emphatically apophatic

singular without identity

different without comparison

interdependent without dependence

paradoxical without contradiction

significant without meaning

directed without teleology—

coming to be
without ever being

What is not story? The I-less, meaningless, goalless comings and becomings of the infinitely anonymous event.

Uncountable in its singularity, the event unfolds the unbounded manifold’s deathless illuminations.




The Event