Desire is a truth
universally acknowledged
by eye ear tongue nose body mind

Seething seeping desire dwells in the eye, the eye sees wants doesn’t want what it seeks seeds, adrift on the sea of seeing the see of sawing the say of seeming the eye speeds to the impossible,
          turning churning to the hunger of seeing, The ear homing in hearing loves the sounding of sound, upping downing on wave-rings of desire, the ear vibrates for the love of vibrating,
          for the love of sound echoing sound echoing sound, The tongue has a taste for tasting, degustation disgustation home bittersweet home, tonguing to tingle hasting to taste,
          good taste bad taste circles bad and good,

The smell of up the smell of down, the smell of home the smell of gone, the smell of sweet the smell of shit, the habit of smelling is the nose’s habitat, the habit of toing froing towing frowning, of forcing forking foring againsting, the nose yeas yaws nays gnaws, yes yes has a smell, no has a smell,
          baby baby baby the nose savors the swings of yes no maybe, The body feels alivest falling in feeling, feeling its heart hearth hurt pleasure pain, feeling and willing the abode of the body fueling feeling,
          the feeling of feeling the feeling of living the loving of feeling
          the meaning of being the being of me-ing, The windows of mind look out on the mind, the doors of the mind open to the mind, the love of the mind is in love with the mind,
          thought upon thought the mind builds the mind enclosing
          thought within thought unwitting thought,

Residing in Desire

Desire is the beginning, middle, and end, narrative's reductionism flattering the plotting mind.

Narrative panders to the mind enamored with desire.

Idealizing desire, narrative makes heroes of discontents.

Even when a story denies the object of desire, it never denies desiring.

A narrowing of the mind, a contraction of the heart.

Narrative intensity the constriction of desire.

Anxiety—the orchestrated alternation of hope and fear—the perpetuum mobile of narrative.

In narrative, the past determines what the present is lacking, conditioning the hypnotic [oneiric/irresistible] fantasy of futurity, indestructible because endlessly deferred.


The narrative of desire the mother of all narratives, the matrix that engenders all story.

Before story we become children, bedazzled by desire.

Transfixed by story, pacified by the security of desiring.


Narrative as magical thinking.

When reality disappoints, overwhelms, we turn to narrative.

Desire the superhero of narrative, the passions its sidekicks.

Narrative reduces the polymorphous into a self subjected to the object of desire. (His majesty the ego, king of story.)

The apparent multiplicity of narrative masks the singlemindedness of desire. (Desire only has one story.)





Dreaming up the reality we desire, narrative gives us the reality we deserve.

Desire familiarizes, tames the world’s passing strangeness.

Time in narrative a fiction, measured by desire's plots and machinations

The psychology of narrative: The desire to desire. Narrative’s imperative (the ethics of narrative): act on your desire.

The comforting discomfort of desiring.

Conflict is the hook, catching the mind's eye.

In narrative the body is reduced to desire, the other to obstacle.

Narrative, like desire, never arrives; like a dream, it ends without arriving.