Peru <Virú, river in northern Peru or < Biru, cacique in the Gulf of San Miguel
...different landscapes different signscapes timescapes chronotopes Бахтин calls them...savoring drift surfing uncertainty...Moche Wari Tiwanaku city upon city underground sometimes suddenly rising to the surface again...traveling makes the intricacies of digestion interesting again from mind to mouth to stomach to bowels to anus Ovidian adventures metamorphic odyssey...mangos chirimoyas granadillas lucumas markets mesmerize strange attractors psychic magnets...the magic moment some time after settling on a favorite café or restaurant when the waiters smile familiarly start welcoming me like a a strange idea whose strangeness nobody notices anymore sometimes the traveler gets a glimpse...funny how I know many fictional characters more than most people I daily coca tea sometimes fresh chamomile yellow heads bobbing in finds oneself in Peru after reading a few books visiting some websites executing a few credit card transactions but the whole world is involved somehow in getting me to Starbuck's in Cajamarca!...what kind of person would I have to become to become a person who travels without a guidebook?...don't want to admit it but like my starred points of interest recommended restaurants maps lists...awakened by a massage and a hummer been in a lingering good mood since restaurants the labor disappears in the food that appears fantasy of effortlessness aesthetic much tourism revolves around visiting the residua of the dead monuments tombs inscriptions ruins sediments of once regnant power relations hierarchies scars of violence oppression projections of the dead's fantasies fears remnants of obsolete ideas long-vanished passions tortuous flows of desire linking those walking the streets with the dead underneath...tourism a descent to the netherworld excursions to Hades the living go to gawk at the dead the dead look back with their grim refrain we accept you one of us!... travel as the pursuit of new sensations but how often does it really yield something new? it possible for traveling now to be like the voyage of discovery that it was for Montaigne in 1580?...often the why less important than the how...maybe one day I'll be venturous enough perhaps to travel without a checklist...allzumenschliches!...Cusco got into the Companía church by saying I was going to hear mass soy católico stuck there till the ite missa saved 10 soles though...Ollanta condo closing April 2 home fantasy I resist Machu Picchu April 4... next? Italy? Colombia? wandering fantasy I’m still there a traveler (nomad nexus) who does not next?...

Resisting the spirit's pretensions to ascension, the body tends to descend,
plunge, fall free: amorously earthbound, innocently profound.