No Origin, No Destination

fugitive traveler weightless nomad delighted wandering flee from all destinies all nostalgias to arrive at pure arriving

the still whirling of the purling moment embracing all in nothing no-time all in all

all and nothing going goes where going goes to go


come come there is no coming

ecstasy does not spend itself coming going


turning out in to re turning the nameless aimless goes

coming without going going with coming

the heartflown lotus looms

petal fugue upon petal fugue weaving becoming beginning


now now there is nowhere but now 

ecstasy does not spend itself waiting weighing


up up there is away

down down here is the way

day by day time is always

to embrace any way to surrender here to day to aimlessness enduring during


there there  there is no there 

ecstasy does not spend itself departing arriving


Going goes where it must

does not where it cannot

going goes choiceless chooserless

on in on going goes where time ongoing goes