Luang Prabang < Lao ຫຼວງພຣະບາງ < ຫຼວງ, capital + ພຣະບາງ, holy buddha statue

...3 orange ones 2 white ones 1 blue one...a beautiful girl using her beauty as she must and as she can...why do I need to ride an elephant?...breakfast interrupted skysundering thunderstorm...the unshakeable habit of doing thinking about doing...a hotel not immobile but a warping and woofing of crisscrossing lives vectors of fantasy libidinal etudes…rain again three rivers flooding elephants get another day of rest...children are machines for repetition adults too...wherever I go ants methodically foraging...Tick has three jobs desk clerk laundry loaner shark?...roosters crowing monks drumming banana petals redly after now exquisite complexity falling furling...outside pattern anomaly surges...a planeful of fantasies has to travel without hungry eyes?...

Gravity the earth’s eternal love for the body. (Why are you always struggling
to escape the earth’s astronomical tenderness?) To surrender to gravity is to surrender
to velocity, resistance the only disaster.