The Orphaned Tongue, Mother of Knowing

The traveler hasn’t arrived until he has arrived in the middle of wordlessness

Arriving isn’t traveling until wordlessness arrives in the middle

Wordlessness arrives when the traveler never arrives but middles from middle to middle

When the middle arrives in the middle, wordlessness travels


To travel to unfold the mysterious world coiled in this body, ineffable entanglement

The world, ineffable, coils entangles unfolds this body, traveling mystery

To travel into this coiled mystery, world-entangled body, ineffable unfolding

To travel: ravel, revel, marvel: ineffable this, coiled entanglement, embodied mystery, unfolding world


Nothing but other words can be translated into words

Words translate nothing but the other to words

In other words translating is nothing but words being words

But words can be other, translated into nothing


I don’t know is the beginning of knowing

I begin is the knowing of beginning

Knowing I is the knowing of not-knowing

Knowing beginning is the beginning of beginning

















the wide














the narrow