The Map Displaces Place

The nomad’s only landmark—the roving body traversing circumfluent space


Find a way to lose the map

You won’t find ecstasy in it


Freezing the ceaselessly flowing, leaving out everything that moves,

The map leaves the traveler unmoved

Still like the photograph it fascinates, as the dead transfix the quick


The wanderer’s true north eludes the map

Dwelling in the swelling intersection of motion and emotion,

The traveler follows the veering vectors of becoming

Till north’s unhinged from south, west released from east


The trajectory of the event is impossible to map

Attuned to contingency the wanderer turns

From the rationality of calculation to the dance of chance


Parmenides’ dream, Heraclitus’ horror, the map is drawn by contradiction

Eluding the deadlocked jurisdiction of contradiction, the traveler, roving paradox, valediction to negation, wanders off the map


Where the map is a fantasy of fixity, the traveler is an ecstasy of transition





































a map?