The Other’s Otherness—

The Self’s Ultimate Refuge


Nomadomania—addiction to new feelings and sensations that one believes can only be obtained through traveling; nomadomania generally involves the reduction of the other to stimulus for novel experiences

Catalogomania (Slang Lonely Planetitis)—the domestication of the other through the distribution of cultural difference into manageable lists (points of interest, starred attractions, festivals, traditional cuisine, indigenous arts and crafts, folk music and dance, museums, maps, etc.)

Obsessive-compulsive cartography (OCC)—obsessive acquisition, consultation, verification, construction, etc. of maps to chart and contain (i.e. territorialize) alien terrain

Photographomanic ostraniophobia—the compulsive snapping of photographs as a defense against the unfamiliar

Berkeley’s delusion—the projection of the traveler’s desires, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings on foreign cultures, people, landscapes, etc.

Nomadic autophagy—traveling styled as the consumption of otherness, where the other is configured as a projection of the self’s desire; hence, traveling as phantasmatic self-consumption

Narcissistic alteriphilia—prodigal self-regard masquerading as love of the other

Autoalgia—the pain of being unable to evade the self that follows the traveler wherever he goes





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